Frequently asked questions

We can only advise you after knowing the project. PVC and aluminum are two products that have high quality, but with different performances and applicabilities. The glass should also be analyzed on a case by case basis, usually, we advise safety double glazing with thermal component. The choice of glass is of the most importance and should not be neglected because represents about 90% of the area of the window. Please consult our technicians.

The term thermal cut applies only to aluminum, which is a conductive material. The thermal cut consists of the physical division of the profile, with a polyamide - non-conductive material. This polyamide - shown in black in the image, joins the two aluminum profiles.

Because PVC is by itself non-conductive, this term does not apply to this material.

Yes, QUAL guarantees the assembly, our certification (ISO 9001) covers the entire production process, including assembly on site. In the remodelings, if the work lasts more than one day, we assure that no vain is left open.

The warranty does not cover problems due to bad handling or accidents and IT depends on the component in question:

  • PVC Frames: White - 10 years / Acrylcolor - 10 years / Other Colors (veneered) - 5 years
  • Aluminum Framing: 5 years
  • Glasses: 10 years
  • Accessories: 2 years
  • Manufacturing Defects - 2 years

Laminated glass is a safety glass. It consists of two sheets of glass bonded together by one or more layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This type of glass keeps shards together when you part, protecting the users.

Tempered glass during its manufacturing process is subjected to a special heat treatment and rapid cooling. This process increases its characteristics of resistance to temperature differences and impacts and causes that when the splinters are small, rounded and not very sharp (like rice grains).