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Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica, caixilharia em alumínio e pvc

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FAQs | Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer any questions we find useful within our sector.

If you questions are not clarified in this section, contact our services.

1 - How can I ask for a quotation?

R: By email: orcamentacao@qual-lda.com

      TEL: 234 600 630

      FAX: 234 600 639

2 – Are quotations paid for?

R: All quotations are free of charge.

3 – Should I opt for aluminium or PVC frames?

R: Advice is given after knowing the project, as both these products have high quality versions but with different performances and applications.

4 – What type of glass is most suitable?

R:Glass should be discussed in each situation; however, we privilege advising on safety double glazing with thermal insulation components.

5 – What is thermal break?

R: It consists on a physical separation of the frame, which is joined by a less thermal conductive material.

6 – Do you guarantee installation?

R:Yes, QUAL ensures installation. QUAL’s certification under the ISO 9001/2008 norm includes all the production process, including the installation on the site. The Certification according to ISO 9001/2008 acknowledges the organization’s effort to assure compliance of its products and/or services, the clients’ satisfaction and continuous enhancement.

7 – How long does the installation take?

R: It depends on the number of embrasures, but our teams usually install an average of 10 embrasures a day.
    When remodelling, if the work takes more than a day, we assure no embrasure will be left open.

8 – Do you remove the existing frames?

R:Yes, our teams remove old frames.

9 – Does the CE Marking guarantee the product’s characteristics?

R: CE Marking assures consumers the products were produced in a controlled environment, complying with several requirements proven through continuous tests and auditions.

10 – How long is the guarantee of the frame?

R: Guarantees depend on the materials used:


PVC frames: white – 10 years; other colours – 5 years

Aluminium Frames: 5 years

Glasses: 10 years

Accessories: 2 years

Manufacturing flaws: 2 years

The guarantee does not include any problems resulting from mishandling or accidents.

11 – Do you ensure after sales assistance? And after the guarantee period?

R: Both during guarantee as after it we ensure assistance. Even if not manufactured by QUAL, if you have problems getting assistance for your frames, contact us.

12 – What is laminated glass?

R: Laminated glass is a safety glass. It is constituted by two glass panes bonded together by a transparent plastic interlayer. This type of glass holds together when shattered, protecting nearby users and its surrounding areas.

13 – What is tempered glass?

R: Tempered glass is a specific type of glass undergoing a controlled thermal treatment of heating and fast cooling during manufacture. This process increases its resistance to thermal differences and impact causing the glass to crumble into small rounded and less cutting chunks.

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