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Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica, caixilharia em alumínio e pvc

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Quality Policy | Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica

Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

Vision:Certificação APCER - Iso 9001 da Qual

To invest  on differentiation towards excellence.


To meet all clients’ requests and requirements within due dates with the maximum quality and value added.

Quality Policy:

In QUAL, quality is viewed as the only way to fulfil our aim: full satisfaction of our clients, suppliers and collaborators.

For this purpose, we invest on:


uality and fulfilment of all the SGQ requirements and processes towards a continuous improvement and consequent efficiency;

U nification of the relationship with our clients fulfilling all the contract requirements, looking forward to their satisfaction and loyalty;
A dvancing on our assets profitability;
L ayout and facilities to satisfy and motivate collaborators, encouraging their participation and consequently improve their performance.
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