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Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica, caixilharia em alumínio e pvc

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History | Qual, Lda - Indústria Metálica


QUAL,lda - Instalações Antigas

The company has begun its activity in 1987, individually, manufacturing aluminium /iron frames.

In 1990, its social denomination changed into QUAL – Indústria Metálica, Lda.

In 2002, the current factory was built investing on CAD / CAM / CAE technology, with the quality of the final product in mind.

In 2003, QUAL started producing PVC frames. Nowadays we are a certified company according to the ISO 9001:2008 norm. 
QUAL,lda - Actuais Instalações

The investments made throughout all these years have been supported by a sustainable growth, investing on efficient human resources, with an always present aim of fully satisfying our clients.

Visit both our facilities and exhibition of our products, where you can try our products and verify the quality of the materials.

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